Why Choose GlasWerks DMV for Your Car’s Paint Protection?


Since 2014, GlasWerks DMV has helped car owners in Northern Virginia protect the paint on their cars. As one of the most trusted names in the industry, we have over seven years of experience working with auto enthusiasts to protect and restore their vehicles.

We have all of your auto paint protection needs covered, from color protection to clear bra installation. In addition to keeping your car’s paint in great shape, our products and services can also raise the value of your car when you’re ready to sell it.

Here are a few reasons why car owners prefer GlasWerks DMV over other businesses in the area.

Our Paint Protection Film Service is Top Notch

Our car paint protection film is a clear polyurethane film that goes on top of your vehicle’s original paint and helps to protect it from light scratches, swirl marks, UV exposure, marring, and other types of damage from elements like rock chips.

Depending on your needs and driving habits, you can select from one of three levels of protection.

Paint protection film

Level 1: The Basic Level

The Stek DYNOshield is the least expensive and covers the entire front clip. It provides nearly full coverage on all four sides of your vehicle, as well as 50% off any future collision or vandalism repairs while you own the vehicle. It safeguards critical areas of your vehicle, such as the hood, rocker panels, rear wheel arch, and front bumper.

Level 2: Moderate Protection

This level is the next step up, with additional protective material in critical areas such as door sills and quarter panels. It is more expensive than the basic level but less so than the moderate level.

The other film is put on the driver’s door threshold, the side skirts, the rockers, and the extensions that make the car more aerodynamic. The leading edge of the roof is protected, as is the rear wheel housing, from impacts ahead and behind.

Level 3: Maximum Protection

The best paint protection film protects all windows and mirrors, the leading edge of the roof, and the rear wheel housing from both frontal and rear impacts. Every square inch of your car is protected by a coating of automotive armor that self-heals, repels water, and can’t be scratched.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Auto paint protection film is a cheap way to protect your investment in your car’s looks and resale value. The film is also self-healing, which means it can fill in minor scratches with polymer as the clear coat dries. Other advantages of paint protection films include:

  • It offers UV protection to prevent your vehicle’s paint from fading.
  • They protect against rock chips, stones, and debris kicked up by tires.
  • They have anti-microbial properties that prevent microorganisms from building up on the surface of a car or truck.
  • It provides anti-scratch defense.
  • It lessens the necessity of washing your car.
  • It helps preserve your car’s resale value.

We Add an Extra Layer of Protective Coating to Your Car

This coat of paint acts as a shield, preventing scratches on your car’s original surface. It also keeps water away, which makes it less likely that water droplets will form rings around your license plate holder or windshield wipers.

Types of Coatings

There are several types of coatings to choose from. Professional-level coatings include:

  • Q2 MOHS
  • Q2 MATTE
  • Q2 PURE

Exterior coatings include:

  • Q2 MOHS+
  • Q2 Duraflex
  • DuraBead Q²

Coating for the Wheels

We will remove, clean, and polish your wheels as needed before applying two coats of Gyeon RIM to make cleaning easier. Also, this coating makes factory satin-black wheels, like the ones on Porsche GT cars, much less likely to get dirty. While your wheel is off, we coat the rotor caps and brake callipers as needed.

Q2 FABRIC COAT For Fabric Convertible or Targa Roofs.

Paint Protection Film

The advantages are obvious: when the convertible fabric roof is folded down in inclement weather, most people can tell that their vehicle has been exposed to some potentially damaging condition. Even if rain is forecast, you will be able to enjoy open-air driving with GlasWerks‘ fabric coating.

Q2 Leather For Interior Coat

Q2 Leather is a high-tech ceramic coating designed for all types of leather upholstery. The coating acts as a barrier on leather upholstery, preventing spills from soaking into the seats. It means you’ll be able to remove stains faster and won’t have to worry about permanent damage if they go untreated.

Q2 TRIM Wheel Liners

You can rest assured that any side wall scrapes will not damage the finish of your expensive Q2 trim. Because Q2 Trim has internal structures, parts that aren’t painted, and so-called “piano black” finishes, it can be used on plastics. It forms a strong bond with the structure, resulting in a thick coat rather than an oily coating on the surface.

Q2 View-Glass For Windshield

Q2 View repels both water and dirt from the glass surface. It comes in handy when it’s raining or dark outside. Maintaining a clear windshield allows you to drive more safely and avoid accidents caused by poor visibility. It would protect you and others who may be on the road with you.

We Offer Bespoke Detailing Services.

This service involves applying a professional-grade layer of polish and wax to your vehicle. These treatments keep your car looking new and shiny, no matter the season. To provide the smoothest and glossiest reflection, we remove the orange-peel roughness.

The outcomes speak for themselves.

Restyling Your Car

GlasWerks DMV provides services other than paint protection. We also provide full exterior detailing, and we have a variety of options for your car, ranging from vinyl color change wraps and accents to brake caliper painting and customization. Our work is guaranteed and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Get Car Paint Protection From GlasWerks DMV

Car paint protection is the most effective way to keep your car’s paint looking as good as the day you bought it. GlasWerks DMV is the answer if you need car restyling and protective solutions that provide both style and security.

Paint protection film specialist

We are experts in all aspects of car detailing and offer a variety of coatings to protect your vehicle from chips, scratches, bird droppings, and other damage. Call us today to schedule an appointment or for more information on our services.

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