What You Didn’t Realize About Paint Protection Film for Your Vehicle

The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.” -B. F. Skinner

To you, it seems like a generic, mid-afternoon cruise to test the curve-hugging prowess and nimble handling of your shiny new luxury car. From the imagined perspective of your luxury car, though, it seems more like a devil-may-care joyride through gravel-infested terrain while dust particulates and insects are hurtling towards its unsullied, velvety smooth face.

When you stop to buy groceries on the way home, your car sits in a parking lot under assault by sticky-fingered children, pooping birds, discarded coffee cups, and kamikaze shopping carts

Perhaps it’s time to think twice about some of the situations you put your sporty, sophisticated vehicle through. Consider the dirt roads in the countryside, the smog and pothole-filled city streets, the carpools and construction zones and traffic jams.

So if you’re putting your car through all that, why haven’t you put a paint protection film on it?

What Is a Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film (sometimes called PPF or a Clear Bra) is a thin, adhesive topcoat that protects your car’s surface from the world. At GlasWerks in Sterling, VA, we can provide you with the most superior PPF products.

From chemicals to contaminants, pollutants to parking lots, driveways to drive-throughs, accidents to actual dents, there’s no way to know what’s waiting for you on the open road. A paint protection film surrounds your car with extra strength, endurance, and durability. It’s thicker skin for your vehicle to protect it from everything life (and anyone else) might throw your way.

Environmental influences like bugs, dirt, rocks, the sun, salt, water, and the human condition are legitimate dangers for your car. Paint protection film is a buffer layer, shielding your car from the harmful impacts of daily wear and tear.

Avoiding a vehicle’s exposure to these hazards is impractical and pretty much impossible. Equipping your car with a PPF is a safe and secure way to prepare for whatever road you’re on.

Think of paint protection film as being like lamination of your vehicle. The polyurethane film goes on ultra-clear, so nobody will ever know it’s there. It makes your vehicle practically impervious to the dirt, debris, grease, and grime of the streets. It also adds an intense clarity and extra glossy sheen to your car’s exterior.

Our skilled, insightful installers from GlasWerks DMV may heat the PPF until it is soft and pliable, apply it with errorless precision, and as the film cools and cures, it becomes rigid and seamlessly encases the edges of your vehicle in its sentinel perimeter.

At GlasWerks, we use a PPF that is also hydrophobic, so it repels water, prevents rust, and impedes chemical etchings (like from acidic foods or household products) from permanently damaging your paint or bodywork.

A paint protection film becomes a permanent presence of premium protection against all hazards known and unknown, giving both you and your car less to think about on and off the road. It will also increase the resale value of your well-protected car.

Why Should You Consider a Paint Protection Film?

You do love your car. You also love making sure it looks and performs at its prime. Including a paint protection film as part of your car’s luxe lineup can help keep it looking and handling at its best for years to come. Paint protection films prevent scratches, decrease UV paint fading, and thwart cosmetic damage—saving you from those costly touch-ups and tune-ups.

Wandering the aisles of fancy cleaning solutions, sponges, rags, and waxes takes its toll on your wallet and your patience. Even though you love your car, the rigamarole of washing and maintaining it can be complex. You know you need to do it properly to keep from damaging your paint or exacerbating areas of pre-existing weakness. You also know that if you don’t use the right products, you could do more harm than good.

Plus, if you don’t use a clean bucket and sparkling fresh rags every wash, you could actually be rubbing dirt into the surface of your car and abrading it. As extraneous as the whole washing process seems to be, it’s a never ending cycle because any time your car air-dries, hard water spots are a very real probability.

Just as you’re thinking that the whole process is a ridiculous but necessary responsibility of owning a luxury car, you suddenly remember that you have a PPF on your car! That means you can nix the entire exhausting and expensive cleaning ritual, skip straight to a quick wipe down with a dry rag, and be done. Your car is still going to glisten in the noonday sun as if you’d spent six hours detailing it inside and out. We promise not to tell.

If you love your car but hate the fussy, messy hassle of keeping up with its austere veneer, then an invisible, infallible layer of paint protection film is the first (and last) resource you need. Wrapped in an added layer of ruggedness and refinement, a paint protection film can keep your car looking as good as the day you bought it. And saving the time, money, stress, and worry that are usually wrapped up with maintaining a luxury car makes you look pretty good, too.

What Are the Benefits of a Paint Protection Film?

Luxury cars are a status symbol. They’re supposed to look a little bourgeois, turn heads, and make a dramatic entrance. Your car is also a visually visceral expression of yourself. Some luxury cars are muscle-bound and supercharged, some are elegant with aerodynamic lines, and some are posh and sporty.

No matter what your purchase says about your personality, it’s worth protecting. Protect your investment by investing in protection. Paint protection film shows off your vehicle at its best. It immortalizes your car as an effortlessly radiant, flawlessly polished icon. Then the PPF stops any outside forces or sources from messing with that perfect picture.

Preserving your paint job, protecting your exteriors, and slowing down your car’s depreciation rate (and looking good while it does it) are some pretty beneficial perks to be toting around. Treat your elite, premium vehicle with the highest quality protection that it deserves.

A PPF reinforces your car’s exterior in terms of both aesthetics and structure, renders it impenetrable to outside forces, and provides an unsullied and pristine preservation without all the hassle and upkeep.

Wrap your vehicle in the safest passage you can buy and drive your car with pride and confidence because you know that your protective, self-healing topcoat is there to protect your car.

Paint protection films guard you and your car from the things in life you can’t control, like the weather or the occasional “whoops.” You picked this particular car for a reason, so protect the image, feel, and life of your luxury vehicle. Go ahead, let ‘em look!

Looking for the Right Installer?

Owning and driving your high-end, high-power, high-profile luxury car makes a statement. It’s a connection. It’s an experience.

It’s also a responsibility. Sure, you might handle some maintenance at home, but you also know when to take your car to a trained, qualified mechanic to keep it purring. The exterior of your car is no different. Paint protection film offers superior protection, preservation, and polish, but only when you install it professionally and with precision.

At GlasWerks DMV, we don’t do average. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. That’s why we use Stek DYNOShield as our protection paint film, with your choice of three levels of protection:

PPF Level 1: Basic Protection

PPF Level 2: Moderate Protection

PPF Level 3: Maximum Protection

With its nanoceramic topcoat already bonded to the film, Stek DYNOShield provides a puncture-proof barrier that is ultra-clear, ultra-glossy, and that conforms to the curves and lines of any vehicle. Stek DYNOShield resists stains and contamination, doesn’t yellow over time, and provides top-of-the-line clarity and performance

Our highly-trained team at GlasWerks deftly handles vinyl, tint, and paint protection film installations. Our reputation is unparalleled in excellence. Holding ourselves to our own standards, we provide services that always go above and beyond the industry standard and what any of our competitors provide.

We start every PPF installation with a GlasWerk’s “Level 2 Exterior Detail Clean” because we’re not immortalizing anything less than your vehicle’s best. We’ll assess, prep, clean, restore, and correct your current paint job until it is as close to perfect as possible—and that’s before we break out the Stek DYNOShield.

We have three different levels of PPF installation to choose from, each with a broader, better base of coverage than our competitors. From the basic commuter to the full-body wrap, we’ll safeguard what matters most to you.

At GlasWerks DMV, we’re enthusiast-owned-and-operated, so we understand high-end automobile enthusiasts. We want to know what drives you, what you drive, and what we can do to help you drive better.

Located in Sterling, VA, in the Metro Washington, DC, area not far from Dulles International Airport, our team at GlasWerks DMV and GlasWerks Films is here to serve you and your vehicle. You can book an appointment online or call us at 571-370-8500.

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