WASH Self serve and Full service Memberships available now!

We’ve all been there, its 45 degrees outside, constant wind, your ride is filthy from a drive you did earlier. Phone rings, it’s your car friends, “Let’s go to that show tomorrow morning”. You panic! It’s freezing out but you can’t be that guy turning up with a filthy ride. No sweat, we have you covered (Pun intended). Take advantage of our 24/7 Secure indoor wash bays, stocked with your favorite high-end products selected for compatibility with all of our PPF & Ceramic coating offerings as well as the tools you need to get the job done as quickly as possible and get you back to doing what you love…Driving!

If you would rather we do all the work while you kickback and relax in our lounge. Full Service membership options are available in a variety of packages depending on your frequency needs and how many vehicles you would like taken care of.

Get In, Get Clean, Get Driving, WASH.

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protect your investment the right way.

Your vehicle is an expression of yourself. Properly protecting
its paint finish will keep it looking pristine while maintaining
its value. When you want to work with the best, we’re ready.

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