The Benefits of Paint Protection Coatings

Paint protection film

When you own a luxury vehicle, you want it to remain so. Unprotected vehicles quickly lose their luster and value. You might want to look into paint protection coatings to avoid such unfortunate circumstances. Paint protection coatings, also known as “paint protectors” or “clear coatings,”  are chemical material formulations that are applied to vehicle surfaces to protect the underlying layer of paint from minor scratches, discoloration, and corrosion while also improving its appearance.

These paint protection coatings change the chemical structure of the top layer (primer) to make it more resistant to UV rays and other damaging conditions. As a result, the surface will remain clean and shiny for much longer than if you drove without first applying these protections. If you want to apply a protective coating to your car, this article is perfect for you. Here is a detailed breakdown of the advantages of paint protection coatings.

Protection Against the Elements

The primary function of paint protection products is to protect the surface to which they are applied from damage caused by exposure to the elements. Many types of paint protection are also water-resistant, just like waxes and other common materials. They provide a sacrificial layer of protection for your car’s steel surface against water damage such as rust and corrosion. However, keep in mind that paint protection coatings are not a permanent shield and will not withstand a high-impact collision.

However, by using one of these coatings, you can keep your car’s paint job from premature aging.

Protective Coatings

Another advantage of coating your car’s surface with a paint protection coating is that cleaning it will be easier. Simply wipe away the dirt and grime with a damp cloth and hose the surface down before allowing it to dry.

Improving Appearance

Whatever type of paint protection coating you choose, it will most likely improve the appearance of the surface to which it is applied. This is because the purpose of these coatings is to protect the car’s paint from flaws and small scratches. Some paint protection coatings are also designed to change the color of the coated surface. This can be useful for owners of more expensive sports cars who want to keep the original paint job but hide minor flaws that would otherwise be visible.

Many of these flaws are caused by how your car is washed and the type of car wash products you use. So you might want to look into it anyway.

Resistance Against Scratching

The added resistance to scratching is another advantage of using a paint protection coating. A scratch on the surface of a car can be one of the most aggravating things to see. The good news is that a paint protection coating makes the surface it is put on less likely to get scratched. When you scratch a paint protection product-coated surface, the coating acts as a barrier between the scratching object and the surface of your car. This means that the coating, rather than the paint, will be scratched.

This is especially useful for people who have children or pets who are prone to scratching the surface of a car.

However, it should not be used as a replacement for proper car care when cleaning your vehicle, but it can act as a protective barrier if you accidentally scratch the surface of your vehicle.

Enhanced Durability

A high-quality paint protection coating will help the paint stick well to the metal surface and stop corrosion and oxidation from happening. This will keep the original paint finish looking new for many years by shielding it from harmful elements like rainwater and UV rays, preventing premature fading.

This means that the car’s exterior detail will last much longer than it would otherwise.

Paint protection coatings, on the other hand, vary in how long they last and how durable they are. Wax-based paints and hybrid polymers are the most common paint protection products, and they can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years on a car’s exterior.

Protective Coatings

Prevention of Metal Rust and Corrosion

You can prevent rust and corrosion on the surface of your car by applying a corrosion-resistant coating. This is because some paint protection products contain ingredients that prevent surface corrosion and rust. This is especially useful in areas of the country with high humidity levels. High-humidity environments are prone to corrosion and rust.

Preserve Your Car's Resale Value

Another long-term advantage of applying a paint protection coating is that it preserves a car’s resale value. If you intend to sell your car, a paint protection coating will be extremely useful. A vehicle with a paint protection coating is less likely to get scratches and swirls from cleaning, storing, and transporting. According to estimates, a car with a paint protection coating can sell for up to 25% more than a comparable car without one.

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As can be seen, the advantages of paint protection coatings go beyond simply preventing scratches and dents. They also protect against UV light, which makes sunspots and discoloration caused by long-term sun exposure less noticeable.

All of this adds up to a very compelling case for anyone looking to keep their car’s showroom appearance and resale value. So, if you want to invest in a protective coating for your car, you should let GlasWerks handle the job.

Our expert team understands the nuances and intricacies of this complex service, allowing us to streamline processes and suggest improvements where necessary. As a result, you can expect nothing but the highest-quality service.

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Paint protection film

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