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The feeling you get when you drive your brand-new high-end car for the first time is like no other. Unfortunately, this beauty can fade with time and usage, as your car is exposed to all kinds of environmental elements, and before long, it starts to look dull and less attractive. But there is something you can do to preserve your vehicle’s paint job– and interior– so it still looks brand-new years down the line. You can apply protective coatings.

But these coatings, which come as waxes, sealants, ceramics, or even clear films, should be applied by a professional to give you adequate protection.

That is where GlasWerks DMV detail services come in. Our focus is on providing the best car protection and detailing service in Sterling, VA, and the surrounding area. Contact us to get a ceramic pro to add a layer of protection to your vehicle.

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Is car protective coating for everyone?

As a car owner, you likely always want to keep your beloved machine in excellent condition. It is your pride.

For that, you need to do regular detailing and, most importantly, protective coatings. The key benefits of periodic ceramic coating application services include:

  • Slows Down Paint Oxidation

Frequent exposure to the sun eventually dulls out your car’s paint job. But adding a protective coat to your vehicle will help block UV rays, keeping the paint looking sharp and neat.

  • Provides A Barrier Against Damaging Staining

Stains can settle on your car’s exterior pretty quickly and adversely affect your car. A protective coating is your best defense against corrosive stains.

  • Simplifies Cleaning

The best thing about protective coatings is just how easy they make maintenance. Stains and debris do not stick, and water just glides off.

  • Uplifts Your Car’s Overall Look & Appeal

Protective coatings add a glossy look, which improves the car’s appeal and general look. The better look will be advertising your car effortlessly.

  • Adds to the Market Value of Your Vehicle

Adding a layer of protection to your car preserves its look and, consequently, value. So, depreciation happens a lot slower.

Unique Protective Coating Packages Just for You: Have Your Car Looking Sharp in 1 Session

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Add the extra layer of protection that provides exceptional gloss and slickness, all with the hydrophobicity to keep maintenance easy.

Our services for car owners in Northern VA FairfaxSterling, and surrounding areas include:

Exterior Coating – Professional Level

Professional Level Coatings from GlasWerks and Gyeon


Q² Syncro is the most advanced widely available coating offered by Gyeon. Its multi-layer application ends with the application of Q² Skin, an advanced silicone-based topcoat that provides exceptional slickness and unrivaled hydrophobicity. Despite a three-layered application.

+ Super slick, Super hydrophobic, super glossy

  • Q2 MOHS

Makes the paintwork extremely resistant

to scratches. The coating’s extraordinary hardness

and structural integrity preserve the effects achieved during the paint correction and are synonymous with much slower paint degradation during the daily maintenance routine.

+ Dependable, long-lasting, durable Coating

  • Q2 MATTE

Unique quartz coating for matte paint. It has a high hydrophobicity and is ideal for long-term use on matte-finish car paint.

Prevents discoloration and oxidation and protects against strong chemicals, road salt, and UV rays. Q² Matte can also be applied over Satin or Matte finish Vinyl wraps. Only one layer is required.

+ For Matte Paintwork

  • Q2 PURE

Q² Pure brings the appearance of the paintwork to a new level, delivering pure candy gloss. Its thick formulation requires only one layer.

+ Highest candy gloss levels of the professional line

Sports/Exotic/small $650

SUV $900

Large Luxury $1100

Add an additional day for professional coating installations.

Important note: At a minimum, Level 3 detailing must be completed prior to applying any professional level GYEON coatings.

The price listed starts from vehicle size; your quoted price may vary. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for an accurate quote.

Exterior Coating – Certified Detailer

Certified Detailer only offerings from GlasWerks & Gyeon


Q² Mohs+ is a unique 2-stage coating system that provides extreme scratch resistance and self-cleaning properties. The toughest car coating ever developed and a pure silazane base coat.

The topcoat prevents watermarks and stains and prolongs the total durability of the  Base coating. The result cannot be overestimated – by implementing safe maintenance procedures; we may avoid paint correction throughout the entire period of use.

+ Extreme scratch resistance

+ Extreme resistance to staining and water spots

+ Crisp clear gloss

+ The original

+ 5-year warranty

Q2 Duraflex 

Q² DuraFlex is an advanced, two-ingredient, and double-layered ceramic coating. The pure silazane  Base coating is the hardest automotive coating ever developed.

It is a technological breakthrough and requires only one layer. Q² Flexi is a thick, slick topcoat with developed glossiness, hydrophobicity, and long-lasting self-cleaning.

+ Most hydrophobicity of any coating.

+ Superslick wax-like topcoat

+ 5-year warranty

DuraBead Q²

DuraBead is an advanced, two-ingredient, and multi-layer ceramic coating. Using multiple layers of  Bead provides exceptional hydrophobicity, self-cleaning, and durability using multiple layers of  Mohs as the base coat, topped with an exceptionally hydrophobic, fluorine-based top coat.

+ Highest self-cleaning properties

+ Displays water beading characteristics similar to high-end legacy wax.

+ 5-year warranty

Sports/Exotic/small $1000

SUV $1200

Large Luxury $1500

GlasWerks certified detailer coating offerings are baked into your vehicle’s paintwork with short wave IR bake lights.

Add an additional two days for certified coating installs.

The price listed starts depending on vehicle size; your quoted price may vary. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for an accurate quote.

Exterior Coating – Wheels

Q2 RIM-Wheels & High temp surfaces

There are various wheel rim types available on the market, e.g., wet painted, powder-coated, anodized, or polished. Q² Rim is an appropriate product to protect each one of them.

Even owners of models with polished rim lips have noticed that they don’t need to refresh the “mirror effect” as often. The components most exposed to high temperatures, after the engine bay and exhausts, are the wheels.

Q² Rim has an endurance capability exceeding 1400F without damaging its original properties. The fact that this quartz coating is dedicated exclusively to rims is an asset and introduces a new level of quality within the field of rim protection.

+ Reduced cleaning needed

+ Brake dust, both standard Iron and Carbon ceramic resistant

+ Withstands 1400F temperatures with no effect on longevity

Wheels off coating service remove, decontaminate, and polish if needed your wheels before installing a 2-layers of Gyeon RIM, ensuring less work to keep them clean.

Additionally, for factory satin black wheels such as Porsche GT cars, this coating dramatically reduces the stainability of these finishes. While we have your wheel removed, we also coat Brake Calipers and Rotor hats where applicable.

120/Wheel, Center lock wheels & add additional for $50/Wheel labor charge


Exterior Coating – Fabric Coat

Q2 FABRIC COAT- For Fabric Convertible or Targa Roofs.

Q² Fabric Coat is the first fully functional textile protectant containing SiO2.

 Fabric Coat helps keep these surfaces cleaner for longer and makes them much easier to clean. This coating is very hydrophobic, ‘throwing’ water and liquids off fabric and textiles – even fabric convertible roofs can be kept clean and look incredible with a high-pressure cleaning once a month.

This is typically done after a detailing session and prior to paint correctiontexture leveling, and PPF. The entire car gets masked off to ensure this coating doesn’t go anywhere. We don’t want it to go.

Porsche Targa Roof $300

Convertible roof $450

1-2 days

Exterior Coating – Trim

 TRIM-Black Plastic Trim, Grills, Plastic Wheel Liners

 Trim has a formula that allows it to be used on various vehicle parts, including plastics with their own structure, unpainted parts, so-called piano black finishes, which are incredibly difficult to maintain, and restored tail- and headlamp covers.

 Trim provides a strong, long-lasting restoration effect. It does not leave an oily layer on the trim’s surface but strongly bonds with its structure, leaving a thick coat. It’s a pure SiO2 base.

+ Restorative effect for discolored, faded, oxidized black plastic trim

+ Prevents new plastics from lightening due to sun damage or natural oxidation.

+ UV protectant to prevent further oxidation

Typically, we price trim applications out as a package ranging from $150-$500 depending on the severity of oxidation and surface area to treat.

Visit us online to request a quote.

Exterior Coating – Windshield


Remaining on the most intensely used windscreen for up to 12 months, at the same time ensuring an undiminished water repellency.

 View repels water and dirt from the glass surface on your windscreen or windows. It is incredibly useful in rainy or dark weather because the driver will see any obstructions or threats much sooner.

+ Improved visibility in inclement weather

+ Provides increased resistance to water spotting

+ Reduce wiper usage

Windshield $120

Additional Glass $30 per panel


Interior Coating – Leather Coat

Q2 Leather Shield

Highly advanced ceramic coating for all types of leather upholstery. Advanced quartz coating specially formulated for automotive leather.

Q² Leather Shield is suitable for every type of leather produced to date and does not change the finish of your upholstery. Repels dirt and prevents discoloration, protects against liquids and UV rays.

Providing superb protection against dirt, UV rays, and the rigors of everyday usage.

Q² Leather Shield makes the daily maintenance easy and safe, even on delicate upholsteries.

+ Recommended for new leather surfaces

+ Maximum resistance to staining for light-colored leathers

+ Minimizes maintenance required for leather surfaces

+ Most Hydrophobic coating available for leather surfaces

+ 18-month protection



$35/Door card

Important note: At a minimum, Level 3 Interior Detailing must be completed prior to the application of GYEON Q2 Leather Shield on anything but new vehicles.

Need the Best Protective Coating Experts in Sterling, VA? Hire GlasWerks DMV’s Experienced Hands for That Wow Factor!

Want to protect your car from human or natural elements? Have you started noticing a slight deterioration of your paint job? It is about time you booked an appointment with a Ceramic Pro for protective coatings application.

At GlasWerks DMV, we use the latest technology to enhance and protect your automotive. For a free consultation or to book a ceramic pro, call us at +1 (571) 370-8500 or visit us at our location in Sterling today!

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