Paint Protection Film

Professional Paint Protection Film Installer in Aldie, VA

Say “No” to rock-chips! Add the extra layer of film protection your vehicle deserves by trained professionals to protect your investment. Choose from one of three levels of protection based on your needs and driving habits.

PPF Level 1 – Basic Protection

PPF Level 1 Basic Protection for the daily driver. Protects the most important areas of the car for regular commuting. The entire front clip is wrapped in a Stek DYNOshield. We know you need protection. We also know you don’t want to see it.

Our methods go past standard industry templates helping to cover small areas normally left exposed.

  • Full front end
  • + Mirrors
  • + A-Pillars
  • Sports/Exotic/small $2200
  • SUV $2500
  • Large Luxury $2800
  • 1-day plus overnight cure

Our PPF services include exterior level 2 detailing as prep work for the areas to be protected as standard.

PPF Level 2 – Moderate Protection

PPF Level 2 Moderate Protection Drivers Package

In addition, the basic driver’s package, adds additional protection for the enthusiast driver to get the maximum protection per dollar.

  • + Additional Film applied to driver’s door boundary areas
  • + Additional Film for side skirts/rockers/aero appendages
  • + Leading edge of roof protected
  • + Impact area fore and aft the rear wheel housing is protected
  • Sports/Exotic $2800-3200
  • SUV $3400
  • Large Luxury $3900
  • 1 Day Plus Overnight Cure

All of our PPF services include exterior level 2 detailing as prep work for the areas to be protected as standard.

PPF Level 3 – Maximum Protection

PPF Level 3 Maximum Protection – Whole Vehicle Coverage

Reduce your wash routine to a simple wipe-down with the additional peace of mind that every inch of your vehicle is covered in a scratch-resistant, hydrophobic, self-healing layer of automotive armor.

  • Sports/Exotic $6500
  • SUV $7700
  • Large Luxury $8500
  • 2-3 days plus overnight cure

All of our PPF services include exterior level 2 detailing as prep work for the areas to be protected as standard.


Why Do You Need Paint Protection Film in Aldie, VA?

Whether it is a natural disaster event like a massive storm that has affected your car or whether it is a regular natural event like the sun shining and sending UV rays, it is necessary to have complete paint protection on your vehicle.

Care and Investment Goes A Long Way

Remember that the right level of care invested within a vehicle can help to improve your morale as you spend quite a bit of time in your car. It means that you can re-sell your vehicle and obtain the right price point in the marketplace.

It is necessary to stay competitive by ensuring that scratches, peeling, stains, and general wear and tear are not present on your vehicle.

Slow Down Depreciation

The unfortunate truth is that vehicles tend to decline in value rather quickly; the pace of deterioration depends on the make and the model. Remember, bird droppings, regular exposure to UV rays, dents, and other issues like scratches and cracking can certainly impact the perception of the vehicle.

At the same time, we know that your car can look less than amazing in the winter because of the hazards that come from snow and salt.

Our Team at Glaswerks DMV Can Offer Quality Paint Protection Film Installations and Great Customer Service!

Thankfully, some elements range from a clear bra that is optically clear that can protect your vehicle’s paint and paint finish. The different options with paint protection film in Northern Virginia and the surrounding area make it possible to obtain a top-notch paint protection film that meets your needs at the right price.

You might wonder if the ceramic coating is a way to go. Sure, that can be an affordable option, but we realize the best solution in many cases is that of protection film.

Remember that PPFs are known to keep the vehicle’s exterior integrity and will act as a long-term solution. The long-term benefits of this quality solution will undoubtedly outweigh the costs of implementing it.

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