Reasons to Get Paint Protection Film for Your Car

Paint Protection Film

Reasons to Get Paint Protection Film for Your Car


Vehicle owners are interested in protecting their vehicles. They want it to stay in pristine condition because it could be a point of pride. Others may want to protect their cars to keep the resale value strong.

Paint Protection Film

Keeping the car in the best condition ensures that the exterior paint stays up to par.

But what is the best way to do so?

Everybody that owns a car and would not like the paint to get scratched or damaged easily should get a paint protection film on their car. A layer of paint protection film will help your car shine and sparkle like a new car, but it is also a way of preserving the value of your vehicle.

Buying a car is an investment. As little as a spot or crack on the paint job on the exterior painting of your vehicle can reduce the resale value.

The top reasons why you should get a paint protection film for your car are mentioned below.

If you need help applying paint protection film as quickly as possible, remember that our team at Glaswerks DMV is here to assist.


Anti-Scratch Protection

Any activities you do with your car or around your car can cause a scratch on it. Driving frequently or once in a while on any road can expose them to road debris or tiny sand particles that can leave a mark on your car if it is not adequately protected.

A layer of car paint protection film helps to protect your car paint from anything that can leave a mark on it. With the best paint protection film layer on your car paint, the debris or sand particles can not have direct contact with your car paint.


Reduces the Need to Wash

Washing your car can be a bit tedious and time-consuming sometimes. But, you have to do it when your car is dirty.

Most car paint protection films on a car’s exterior can repel dust and dirt from the surfaces, and even when this dirt stays, a quick wipe with a tissue might be enough to get the dirt off your car.

When installed on your car, washing frequently will reduce, saving you the energy and strength needed to wash your car.

Paint protection film installation on a painted surface has a lot of benefits, and self-healing properties are merely one of them.


Prolong the Lifespan Of Your Car Paint

The continuous exposure of your car to sunshine might have a long-term effect on the car’s paint. There is a chemical reaction between the sun’s ultraviolet rays and car paint.

This reaction can diminish the lifespan of your car’s paint. With adequate protection of the paint, it can prolong the lifespan. Paint protection film acts as a repellent for the sun’s rays, reducing its effect on the car’s paint.


Maintain the Resale Value Of Your Car

Buying a car is an investment that can sell eventually. Due to continuous use, the car’s resale value can reduce because of some factors.

These factors include the physical appearance of the car.

The car looks new at all times with a proper and timely installation of a paint protection film. When the car paint still looks new, the car can sell at a higher price than when it has some scratches or the paint is getting faded.

Investing in a paint protection film is an investment in your car’s physical appearance.


It Is Not Easy to Apply As It Requires A Professional to Install

One of the things to consider in protecting your car’s paint is the ease of application. A paint protection film is easy to apply and would be a perfect option if you are on a budget and prefer a DIY.

If you are looking for stain resistance and superior protection, then paint protection films are a fantastic option.


You Won’t Even Know It Is There

Some protection films are obvious on your car, and some might even give another shade of color to your car. A transparent paint protection film will give your car a great look, and you won’t even notice it is there.

Paint Protection Film

Now is the time to answer some of the questions you might want to ask about paint protection film, otherwise known as PPF.

Should I Get A Paint Protection Film On My New Car?

Yes, you should.

It is virtually invisible, and it can help car owners to meet their needs while defending against light scratches, bird droppings, bug splatter, and UV exposure.

The best time to get a paint protection film on your car is when you drive the car out of the dealership.

Stop by Glaswerks DMV to protect your vehicle’s paint.

This way, you will be sure you give your new car an extra layer of protection. The longer you wait to get it done, the more you expose your car’s paint to things that can leave a mark on its surface.


How Long Does A Paint Protection Film Last?

If it is done correctly, PPF has a lifespan of 5-7years. However, factors such as handling and the conditions exposed can determine the longevity of a PPF.

How Much Would It Cost to Install A PPF On My Car?

The price of a PPF can be as little as it depends, but it isn’t cheap when you want it correctly and depending on what you want. The price also depends on your location, the professional fixing it, and your bargaining skills.

To fix paint protection film on the part of your car is not as expensive as a complete car PPF. It costs over a thousand bucks to entirely install a PPF on your car.


Is PPF Worth the Price?

Considering the long-term benefit of your PPF and its longevity, PPF is worth every penny.

Interested In the Protective Benefits of These Films? Reach Out to Glaswerks DMV Today!


Paint Protection Film

Our team at Glaswerks DMV is here to protect your vehicle. Find out how we add a top layer to your car and offer protection.

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