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Paint Protection Film for Cars

Physical damages are often very common in car painting. This results from cars being exposed to various elements, making it hard to maintain the original state of the car’s paint. Fortunately, this concern has been resolved with a solution like car paint protection film (PPF). This clear film sits on a car’s paint and protects it from things that could damage it. It also keeps the paint in good condition.

Have you heard of PPF and wondered if this solution is right for you or where to get the best paint protection film?  Let’s dive deep into what you should know about this innovative protective solution called “paint protection film”

What is Paint Protection Film for Cars?

Paint protection film (otherwise known as “clear bra”) is a thermoplastic polyurethane film applied over the painted surface of a car’s exterior. Urethane is a widely used polymer in the automobile industry. This material is very strong, resistant to UV degradation, flexible, and chemically stable. When applied to the top surface of your car’s paint, it acts as a second skin, protecting the paint from mechanical, environmental, and chemical damage.

How Does Paint Protection Film Work?

PPF consists of many layers, each with its own function. When applied to a vehicle, the urethane layer flexes when impacted, absorbing and spreading the force. This prevents paint damage and saves the paint. Urethane is a thermoplastic polymer.

This explains why PPF has self-healing properties because, when heat is applied, it deforms to a flat, natural shape, making it difficult for tears, light scratches, and other minor damage to affect the paint surface. As a result, it becomes flexible when heated.

Although PPF isn’t as thick as ceramic coating, it nonetheless shields a vehicle’s top layer from paint splatter and is simpler to maintain.

Key Features of the Automotive Paint Protection Film

  • Self-Healing Properties
  • Stain Resistance
  • Mirror Smooth Finish
  • Durability
  • Edge Seal Technology

Common Causes of Car Paint Damages

  • UV rays
  • Road debris
  • Acid rain
  • Mineral deposits
  • Acidic contaminants
  • Bug splatter
  • Swirl marks from washing
  • Rock chips
  • Bird droppings

Benefits of Paint Protection Films

Though PPF’s primary goal is to protect a car’s paint from damage, there are several other benefits of getting a car paint protection film service, including:

1. Protecting the Car's Paint Against Fading

Weather elements like exposure to sunlight can leave your paint job looking dull and faded. Thanks to its strong protection and unique chemical properties, PPF is able to block these damaging exposures and stop fading.

2. Reducing the Need for Frequent Washing

Most automotive protective films are capable of repelling dirt, dust, and road debris picked up as you drive. This reduces the need for frequent car washing, as dirt that sticks to the film can be easily wiped away.

3. Preventing Chemical Reactions

Certain weather conditions and natural elements can result in chemical reactions in a car’s paint. These chemicals can be quite damaging to the car’s surface, resulting in chipping, discoloration, and the buildup of rust. However, with quality clear bra, these impacts are prevented.

4. Maintaining a Car's Resale Value

The painting state of a vehicle can impact the car’s appearance and first impression during a resale, which is why PPF is an important factor in maintaining the overall appearance of your car.

5. Saves Money

The paint protection film is a car investment that saves you money over time. Repairing a car’s paint job due to damage can be pretty expensive. However, installing PPF maintains the car’s paint for a long time, removing the need for repainting.

6. Provides Additional Protection

The multiple layers of film used during PPF are the most comprehensive form of defense against paint surface-level damage. This film serves as car protection for the vehicle’s surface, absorbing the effect and impact of paint-damaging elements.

Types of Paint Protection Films

There are several types of PPF due to the increasing number of producers. However, here are a few of the popular types:

Gloss Paint Protection Film

This is one of the most commonly used PPFs. The gloss-finish film is clear and transparent. This PPF has a high gloss finish, which explains its name, and it is typically applied to glossy cars.

Matte Paint Protection Film (Stealth)

Mate finish PPF is often used in two instances. One for matte car painting and two for gloss cars whose owners seek to change their look. Therefore, this is another popular choice for PPF.

Colored Paint Protection Film

PPF is not limited to being clear and transparent; there is also colored and textured paint protection film. In addition to their protective benefits, colored PPF adds an aesthetic to the appearance of the vehicle, making it more classic and eye-catching.

GlasWerks Paint Protection Film Installer

Factors to Consider When Considering Paint Protection Film Service

Getting PPF for your car comes down to the following variables:

  • The condition of your car’s paint
  • The size of your vehicle
  • The amount of PPF coverage you want
  • The brand of PPF you want
  • Your Budget
  • The paint protection film installer 

These factors determine the cost of the PPF procedure and also determine the kind of end result gotten.

Ready to Get Your Car's Paint Protected? Give GlasWerks DMV a Call for Expert PPF Installation

Paint protection film is a great way to protect the paint on your car without spending a lot of money. With PPF, you get to save money, as this method is cost-effective. GlasWerks professional team offers the best paint protection film and a number of other services for cars, such as ceramic coatings, full-service professional car washes, and paint correction services.

To get started, book an appointment today, and we will help you create the perfect solution for your vehicle, irrespective of its type.

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