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Most times, car owners focus so much on their car’s exterior that they forget the interior needs some care. But is the exterior exposed to the outside—and, therefore, much more prone to deterioration?

Yes, your car’s paint, wheels, and other exterior parts are prone to dirt, grime, and scratches. But just like the exterior, the interior, too, suffers damage over time.

Dirt and dust can settle on surfaces and upholstery, affecting air quality and your health. UV rays from the sun may also fade your interior parts, making them wear out faster.

The solution is to have your vehicle detailed three or more times a year, to maintain and protect your interior. Talk to GlasWerks DMV, your reliable car detailing service in Sterling, VA, and the surrounding areas!

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Choose Your Interior Detailing Package

You spend the most time inside your car. Why not keep it looking and feeling its cleanest? Choose from one of our three levels of interior auto detailing services, and we’ll get it back to looking as good as when you first purchased your car.

Level 1 Interior Detail

Level 1 Interior Refresh

Been a long week or a few? We use gentle cleaning agents to refresh your interior. Wiping down dash, leather seating & footwells. Extra attention is paid to inside glass surfaces.

  • Suitable for gently soiled interiors on newer vehicles

  • All chemicals are safe for all surfaces within your vehicle

  • Interior vacuum

Level 2 Interior Detail

When washing the driver’s area with additional decontamination of shifters and steering wheels, extra attention is paid.

  • Removes stubborn blue jean dyeing on lighter leathers

  • Lose the tacky feeling from the steering wheel and shifter

Level 3 Interior Detail

Level 3 Interior Deep Clean

We break out the big guns for our most comprehensive interior offering. We deep clean seating surfaces and mats and spot clean carpets, utilizing steam and extraction.

Once dried, the leather is treated with Gyeon Leather Coat, and plastic surfaces receive our UV protectant coatings.

  • Steam cleaning

  • Kills bacteria

  • Helps remove odd odors

What Can You Expect at the End of Our Car Detailing?

Experts will tell you to detail your car every few months. But few will tell you why you need in-shop or mobile auto detailing regularly. When you pick up your car after a thorough interior detailing service at our reputable detail shop, you can expect to start enjoying the following benefits:

Clean, Stain-Free Surfaces

Our auto detailing service starts with a deep and thorough cleaning of the entire car’s interior. We will vacuum your seat, brush and steam your carpets and mats, wipe your windows, dashboard, and other surfaces, wash your leather with specialized products, etc. The result is a clean, sparkling new car.

Improved Odor and Air Quality

A dirty and dusty interior can affect the air quality within your car. And as you probably know, air quality affects human health. Our auto detailing services are thorough and ensure no dirt is left. The cleaner your car is, the more efficient the air ducts.

Better Protection of Your Leather Seats and Plastic Surfaces

Our professional auto detailing service is also designed to protect your leather seats from damage and stay in good shape longer. Once thoroughly cleaned, a leather coat is applied to protect your leather seats with our specialized Gyeon Leather Cleaner.

As for plastic surfaces, we apply a UV protectant to prevent dulling and fading.

Improved Appearance and Vehicle Value

Once our team washes off dirt and stains from your surfaces and upholstery and cleans your windows, your car interior’s appearance will immediately look more vibrant. And its resale value will automatically go up.

Better Car Performance

Dirt and grime from your vehicle’s interior can get into your ventilation and air conditioning system, making it harder for your car to cool down. Cleaner air and surfaces ensure less strain on air filters and better performance.

Ready to Turn Your Car Interior Around? Hire the Top-Rated Auto Detailer in Sterling, VA

Ignoring regular vehicle interior maintenance can be costly later on. Let the inside of your car be as good as the outside. Schedule your first interior detail or a full detail to see the difference for yourself.

Talk to GlasWerks DMV wherever you are in Sterling, Virginia, or the neighboring Fairfax county, and we will do a fantastic job of restoring your interior to brand new once more.

Call 571-370-8500 to book a detailing appointment in Sterling today!

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