Why Hand Washing Your Car is Better Than Power Washing

It is necessary to wash your automobile regularly to maintain its resale value, improve its appearance, and extend its life. Hand washing is the best option if you want to get the most out of your regular washing.

It would be best to employ professionals for a hand car washing service for better results. It may take a long time to accomplish, but the effort may be well worth it.

Hand washes do a lot better job cleaning than power washing, as long as the specialists know what they’re doing. Compared to a power washer, they will be able to remove more filth and grime if they take the time.

If you require handwashing, exterior car detailing, interior car detailing, or other services in Sterling, Virginia, GlasWerks DMV is the place to go.

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Here are some of the reasons why handwashing is preferable to going to a power car wash:

It Can Preserve the Beauty of Your Car

There’s no comparison to the care and service that a professional hand-washer can provide for your vehicle. Some portions of your vehicle’s interior and exterior are inaccessible to power car washes, exposing them to paint damage and early corrosion.

Not with a hand car wash, which removes dirt and grime from all corners, top to bottom, and the exterior and car interior.

Power Car Washes Can Cause Damage to Your Car

Have you ever noticed car damage after visiting a power car wash? It occurs when automatic car wash centers use equipment that has been damaged due to washing multiple automobiles per day, but they do not repair or replace it.

Swirls, scratches, cracks, and other blemishes are all possibilities. They frequently employ low-cost products that can result in a mess or harm to your car’s paint. Furthermore, unclean cars often enter the car wash and leave their dirt on the brush or cloth that will scrub your car next.

interior and exterior car detailing services in sterling

Your car’s paint will be further damaged as a result of this. If you care about the appearance of your vehicle, we recommend hiring a professional hand washer to avoid these little dents.

Make Your Car Detailing Unique

When it comes to cleaning an automobile, each owner has a distinct priority. A big advantage to hiring a professional car hand-washer to go to your home is that you will have control.

You will have control whether you want an ultra-high sheen to your paint, a sharp detail, or scrubbing the tires. Your expert hand-washer will concentrate on the most important areas to you.

The experts at GlasWerks DMV will enhance your vehicle’s appearance and provide a beautiful sheen.

interior and exterior car detailing services in sterling va

Hand Washing is More Economical

The pricing of a power car wash is determined by the number of people washing your vehicle. You’ll be charged accordingly, whether it’s just a quick run through the wash tunnel or someone gets in your car and vacuums it all out.

You will receive fantastic services if you hire a professional hand washer or a firm. To complete the job, they will use a pressure sprayer, cleanser, many grit-guard buckets, sponges, microfiber towels, detailing clay, a de-ironer, glass cleaner, car wax, etc.

All of these products normally need to be replaced after a few uses.

It Can Be a Family Affair

Depending on how many steps you take to clean and polish your car, it could take you a couple of hours. However, getting outside, washing the car, and cleaning the inside is a ritual for many people. It takes them away from their daily worries as they focus on this simple task of caring for the large investment they’ve made in their car.

Handwashing Allows Early Detection

Request specialists if you need handwashing services in Sterling, Virginia, or the surrounding area. 

The pros at GlasWerks DMV hand car wash have the eye and feel for spotting automotive problems that are just waiting to develop.

They can readily spot little details such as a tiny fracture in your windshield, a minute paint flake on your car’s paint, or identify the source of that strange odor in your interior, saving you from further harm.

If left unattended, minor issues can escalate into large problems with high price tags.

Exterior Detailing

It Can Prevent Premature Rusting

If you hire a hand car wash that uses steam to clean your vehicle, you’ll drastically reduce the risks of it rusting. The steam mist may be readily dried using a microfiber cloth.

When there is no moisture, there is no oxygen to interact with the metals and alloys in your vehicle, causing rust. If you’re looking for handwashing services in Sterling, Virginia, visit GlasWerks DMV.

Why Hand Washing Your Car is Better Than Power Washing 6

It Can Turn into a Fun Learning Activity

Power car washes offer the advantage of speed. You drive your car in, and they will complete the entire process in minutes. Hand car washing by a professional is superior to power car washing because it provides a different benefit. Thanks to a mobile detail shop, you can learn more about your vehicle—how to clean it properly, what you can do to prevent aesthetic issues, etc. 

A genuine detailing expert adores automobiles and would gladly share his knowledge, whether or not it was requested. GlasWerks DMV in Sterling, VA, serves this area and the following cities in the DMV region: Northern VirginiaMarylandWashington D.C, and others.

It Aids in Environmental Protection

GlasWerks DMV, which uses steam and all-organic cleaning materials, helps conserve water by cleaning medium-sized cars with a pint of water and large trucks with five gallons.

Furthermore, because no chemicals are used, there will be no toxic runoffs that can harm the soil, groundwater, or surface water.

Why Choose Our Car washing Service In Sterling, VA

A hand wash is a more thorough method of car washing that protects the paint and clear coat of your vehicle. GlasWerks DMV also offers a variety of unlimited hand car wash plans, ensuring that there is a plan to fit your vehicle and lifestyle. 

We are pleased and proud to serve our customers in Sterling, VA. GlasWerks DMV is committed to providing a cost-effective and timely customer experience. Contact us today for our hand washing services.

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